VxRail (HCI) virtual testdrive 26 april 2020, for technical decision makers

VxRail (HCI) virtual testdrive 26 april 2020, for technical decision makers

VxRail (HCI) virtual testdrive for technical decision makers on april 16 2020

VxRail workshop


In deze tijd van thuiswerken is VXRail dé optimale omgeving!

We are pleased to invite you to a one-day workshop on Dell EMC VxRail.
This workshop will give you a preview into how leveraging Dell EMC VxRail and VMware vSAN will benefit your IT environment and business.
This course includes hands-on lab exercises using demo pods that have been designed for you to explore VxRail and vSAN management capabilities.
This solutions-oriented training is designed for end-user DC Architects and Senior Engineers who are responsible for developing data center solutions
that span compute, network, and storage.

The VxRail Workshop will cover:

  • HCI Overview
  • vSAN
    • Benefits of vSAN
    • What it is and how it works
  • VxRail Overview and Differentiation
    • Hyperconverged OS, VxRail Manager, LCM,APIs, ESRS and more
    • Data Protection overview
    • Licensing
    • Single Vendor Support
    • Hardware options – Intel CPUs (NVMe, Optane options, memory options)
  • Networking of VxRail and Benefits of SmartFabric Services
  • Solution Deployment Options and Use Cases
    • VVD on VxRail, VCF on VxRail, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, 2-node Container/DevOps (PRA/ PKS), VDI (Horizon)
  • Deployment
    • GIS capabilities and service offerings

Hands-on Labs

  • Lab 1: Getting started
  • Lab 2: Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Lab 3: Cluster Expansion (Scaling Out)
  • Lab 4: Lifecycle Management (LCM)

Date: April 16 2020

Event time:
– Instructor-Led Lectures: 09:00 am – 1:00 pm *
– Self-Paced vLabs (Instructor supporting remotely): 1:00 pm * – Close

* Times are a guide and may be subject to change

Location: Remote – Amsterdam (Central European Standard Time)

Language: English


Heeft u interesse om, gratis, deel te nemen aan deze interessante workshop, meld u dan aan door te klikken op onderstaande foto:


Meer informatie

Hebt u vragen over de workshop of over andere onderwerpen, neem dan contact op met de verkoop afdeling van ACES IT via telefoonnummer 040 – 264 53 00 of laat via de onderstaande velden een bericht achter.

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